The Profactor, production agency d.o.o., is a specialised company engaged in the metal industry. The company's offerings have been developed in response to the rapidly increasing demand and needs of the global market, with a special emphasis on welding.

Just as joining together materials is the essence of welding, our core activity is finding and combining the right circumstances to create new opportunities for work and development.

We provide highly qualified professionals and produce metal products in our own production facilities.

We are a flexible, innovative and development-oriented company. Our key competitive advantage is our exceptional adaptability and ability to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers. Our services cover everything required for the complete organisation of various production processes, both in Slovenia and abroad.


Profactor offers staffing solutions for manufacturing as well as maintenance and repair companies in the metal and shipbuilding industry by providing them with highly qualified professionals of various profiles.


Profactor provides manufacturing solutions for the metal industry.

Our certified welders and other highly qualified and trained professionals are able to manufacture metal products and semi-manufactured products of different sizes and levels of complexity for our customers at our own manufacturing facility.

All our manufacturing activities are carried out according to our customers' requirements and in compliance with EU standards. We can provide the facilities, equipment, staff and other resources required for effective and efficient manufacturing as well as long-term support for work processes.


Careers - Jobs

We are always hiring new professionals.

We require additional welding professionals for our projects.

If you are interested in working at our company and wish to work in the field of welding, please contact us via our e-mail address.


Sandi Frančeškin

Production Manager

+386 41 330 760

Jože Snežič

Managing director

+386 41 330 750


Župančičeva ulica 18,
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

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